{2022 Costume Tour}- Day One

{2022 Costume Tour}- Day One

Hey everyone!! Kristen here with a super fun filled week planned for all of our blog followers. It's Costume Tour timeeeee!!

We have FIVE days full of unique and fun costumes lined up. Each participant was asked to make a costume of their choice. There was only one rule: they had to use Sunflower Seams patterns! Even though it had to be a SS pattern, hacking and mashing was encouraged in order to make their vision come to life! Everyone did such a beautiful job and I cannot wait to show you all their work! Let's get started!!


Our first stop for day one is under the sea with Cassandra! She made the sweetest Ariel inspired costume that was almost as sweet as her darling model. Swim (or scroll) on down to see what Cassandra had to say about it!

"Madeleine has been begging for a mermaid dress for Halloween. I used the Violet dress (Baby Violet) to make this dress and added the tulip sleeves from Lily. To give it a fancier look, I used a polyester dupioni for the fabric. I added some pearl trim and she wore a tutu under for extra poofiness!"- Cassandra

Snow White and the Evil Queen

"Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the next costume tour participant?" LINDSAY!

Lindsay's twins are definitely the fairest of them all but even more so in their Snow White and Evil Queen costumes!

Lindsay says "one of my favorite things to do since I have twin girls is to create paired costumes. For the 2022 Costume Tour here at Sunflower Seams, I decided to transform my girls into Snow White and the Evil Queen. The recently released Chrysanthemum pattern was the perfect basis for Snow White. I simply added pleats to the sleeves and lengthened the front bodice to create Snow White's pointed bodice design."

Lindsay continued "the Evil Queen costume is a combination of Gardenia and Spruce. For the main dress, Gardenia has a very similar design. I lengthened the simple circle skirt, and then I opted for adding bias to the sleeves rather than adding the cuff to create the bell shaped sleeve worn by the Evil Queen. For her cape, I shortened the hood of Spruce, and used the back bottom skirt of the pattern. After attaching the cape to the dress at the shoulder seams, the collar was accented with a broach. Joann Fabrics was my source for all of these fabrics, and they worked perfectly to create a pretty simple pattern recreation. My girls were in awe of their new costumes!"

Thank you for joining us for day one of the 2022 Costume Tour!! Be sure to join our Facebook Group to see more pictures of Cassandra and Lindsay's creation as well as have the opportunity to ask them questions!!

Need more inspiration while you wait for day two? Check out last year's Costume Tour line up!

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz
A Bumble Bee

Happy Sewing!


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