Sunflower Seams 2021 Costume Tour – Day 5

Sunflower Seams 2021 Costume Tour – Day 5

Hey friends, Becca here and I am really excited to wrap this party up with my costume! My daughter and her best friend have been planning their Halloween costumes since last Halloween. They started asking me in January if I could make them matching Bumble Bee costume so it was an easy choice when it came to our costume tour.

Pattern, Fabrics, and Supplies

PatternBramble Shorts & Detachable Skirt, Dogwood Tee

– Bodice: 1" Horizontal Stripes from Spoonflower
– Skirt: Michael Miller's Cotton Couture in Black  from Hawthorne Supply Co.
– PettiSkirt: Yellow Glitter Tulle from Amazon

Other Supplies:
– Poly Fit from Joann

My changes to the patterns:

  1. I made the Dogwood top per the pattern instructions, minus adding the neckband. I did play with the measurements a bit to slim down the fit since Dogwood is a very relaxed fit.
  2. Before attaching the hood to the top I added 2 antennas. I did this by cutting 2 small slights in the main hood pattern pieces. Then, I cut 2 triangles, folded them in half, sewed down the long raw edge and stuffed the antenna with poly fil. Once the antennas were made I slid them through the slits and sewed them to the hood. Next, I completed the hood per the Dogwood instructions and attached the hood.
  3. For the Bramble skirt I cut the skirt pieces 1.5" shorter than the pettiskirt pieces so the tulle would pop out.
  4. I cut 2 of the pettiskirt pieces from the black fabric to use as the top of the pettiskirt. Next, I doubled the width and cut 4 pieces using the tulle. I attached 2 pieces together at the side seam and repeated with the other 2 pieces. Then, I laid one loop inside of the other and sewed my gathering stitches around the bottom of the pettiskirt to the top piece.

Paired with black knee high socks and a cute pair of lace boots from PipSqueak, I think these two are the cutest bees I've ever seen!

There you have it!! We really hope you have enjoyed following along with our Costume Tour this year. I know the team has had such a fun time creating our costumes!

We'd love to see what you create this year! Share your costumes in our Sunflower Seams Pattern Sewing Group!!

Happy Sewing!


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