Supporting Our Pediatric Cancer Warriors

This has been a day in the making for the past few months and I am so honored to be here along side an amazingly talented group of ladies.
Wednesday was the kick off of our Blog Tour to help raise funds for childhood cancer.  The Bloggers for Pediatric Cancer Warriors will also be holding an auction of handmade goods October 27-28th, so please come support us.  When Shawna at TroopsToTots reached out about her challenge I didn’t bat an eye at her request for help.  My cousin was diagnosed with terminal cancer at four and her challenge hit home and really pulled at my heartstrings.
The American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) was a huge support for my family and in return we want to help support their mission.   The ACCO’s mission is to provide information and support for children with cancer and their families and to support research leading to a cure of all children diagnosed.  Our proceeds raised from this auction will go directly to the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO).
Along the way we have met some incredibly generous people who are just as dedicated to this cause as we are, as well as some amazing companies who are helping to sponsor our auction.
My daughter recently started her first year of soccer so I only found it fitting to promote our sponsor, the New York Red Bull Soccer Team, who are based out of Harrison, New Jersey.
The team has generously given 4 lower level tickets for a home game to the auction.  If you live in the area it would be such a fun event to get the family out and enjoy this fall weather.  I know my daughter would love to go if we lived closer.  Since I’m sure there are only a few select people who live in the area another great way to support the auction, the team and ACCO would be to donate the tickets to the American Childhood Cancer Organization’s New York office which will then give the tickets to a family in their network.
I can picture that little girl’s face now, (or boy’s but since I’m a soccer mom to a girl I automatically see pigtails and pink) a smile from ear to ear.  She may not get to participate in the game anymore but getting to go will make her feel that much more special.  That much more fancy.
Have you ever read any Fancy Nancy books?  Well I’m pretty sure they were written about my daughter.  She is the girl that always wears a dress, even when playing in the mud and wholeheartedly thinks bows on your socks make you a better soccer player.  She makes life more interesting and I wouldn’t wish her any other way!
Thankfully, 421 Myers Design has a solution for those boring black socks her team was issued.  The removable Bow Sock Pattern is a quick and easy way to make my girl feel a little more fancy on the field.
 And I swear she really did play better too.  I mean, look at that face of determination, that heart of a warrior.
I am blessed my little girl is only fighting a battle on the soccer field but there are so many warriors out there fighting another kind of fight and it’s a tough one.  But we can do something to help them!
As a fun way to bring attention to our cause, each of our bloggers is hosting their own GIVEAWAY!  I will giving away a $20 gift certificate from Phat Quarter and a HUGE pattern stash of 10+ patterns we’ve put together for your sewing pleasure!

————-a Rafflecopter giveaway————–

Make sure to stop by and support all of the amazing bloggers we have this week. And don’t forget the auction starts October 27th. Help us raise money for our child warriors.

Tour Schedule

Blog Tour for “Go Gold©” Auction
Benefiting the American Childhood Cancer Organization

19th The Adventures of Bubba and Bug and Troops To Tots Giveaway is 5 copies of “Wild Things” by Molly Goodall
Giveaway is 6 month subscription to Seamwork Magazine
Giveaway is $20 gift certificate to PhatQuarters and pattern stash
Giveaway is $50 gift certificate to Pattern Review
Giveaway is $20 gift certificate to UpCraft Club

Giveaway is the book “Building Block Dress” by Lisel Gibson of Oliver & S.
GO GOLD® is the registered trademark of the American Childhood Cancer Organization

Halloween Bag-A-Palooza


 This time of year is my absolute favorite.  The weather starts to cool off (unless you live here in Florida), everything at the store is pumpkin and Halloween is just around the corner.

This week I joined the  Halloween Bag-A-Palooza Blog Tour and it’s been a lot of fun.  Today is the last day of tour and I am excited to share a fun tutorial for all of you with little girls.

Materials Needed:

2- 12″x10″ Main Fabric

2- 12″x10″ Complimentary fabric for Lining

2 – 5″x12″ Main Fabric for Straps

4- 6″x72″ Strips of Tulle

General Supplies: Machine, Iron, Scissors, Coordinating Thread


This tutorial uses a 3/8″ seam allowance

1.)  Pin main fabric pieces right sides together and sew along the two sides and bottom.  Pin lining pieces right side together and sew along the two sides and bottom, leaving a 2″ opening on one side.  Snip corners and press seams open.

2.)  Make box corners by pressing the corner into a flat triangle. Measure 1″ in from the corner and stitch.  Repeat for all corners on the main and lining bag.  Trim excess fabric at corners

3.) Take a strap and press the length of the strip in half, wrong sides together, matching up the raw long edges. Open the strip so the wrong side is facing up.  Press the raw edges so that they meet at the folded center crease. Press in place. Fold the strip in half again and press.  Topstitch the strap closed by stitching 1/8” from the double folded edge. Repeat with other strap.

4.)  Pin strap to main bag, 1 1/2″ from side seams and baste to keep in place.

5.)  Now turn the outer bag right side out and tuck inside lining, making sure they fit snugly together. Pin the bag and lining together and sew.  Turn bag right side out by pulling the bag through the opening you left in the lining.  Close lining with a ladder stitch.

6.)  Topstitch around the perimeter of the bag to reinforce straps and keep the bag and lining together.  We are almost finished!

7.)  Lay all of the tulle layers on top of one another, pinning the short ends together and stitch.  Add a gathering stitch to the long raw edge of the tulle 1/4” from the edge.  Gather the tulle so that it is approximately the same width as the bag.

8.)  Pin the tulle upside down to the middle of the bag, 4″ from the top, adjusting the gathers evenly. Sew in place.  Press the tulle down and topstitch.

 You now have a tutu treat bag and princess will love!!

My daughter is so excited to use her new bag on Halloween as part of her witch costume.  She’s already dressed up a few times and pretended it was the big day.  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  Let me know what you thought in the comments.

 Be sure to check out all of the bags for some great inspiration and thank you for stopping by.

The Hasting Vest {Jilly Atlanta}

My 2 year old son loves the fabric store almost as much as I do.  He is such a fun shopping buddy and usually has impeccable taste when it comes to fabric for my daughter but for himself he chooses some of the most outlandish patterns out there.  I never know what to do with them but I buy them because he’s happy and well, I love buying fabric.

When I was selected to test the new Hasting Vest by JillyAtlanta he told me he wanted it to be monsters.  I had other ideas but wanted him to like it and actually wear it (preferably without an argument).  That’s when I decided to do both.

 After looking through Jill’s easy to understand tutorial I discovered it wouldn’t be too hard to make it reversible and then both of us would be happy.  It was actually really easy.  When it came time to close the lining, I used my stitch in the ditch foot instead of hand stitching and then added buttons on both sides.  That’s it!!  Easy Peasy!!  And now the vest is reversible and we are both in love.

 I love the thoughtful detail Jill adds to all of her patterns.  The buttons down the side give it an almost vintage look.

 This vest is such a quick and easy sew.  Even with my adorable little monster running around and stopping me every few minutes to get him something, I had mine finished and on his back in 45 minutes.  I love a sew like that!!  And I have already been asked to make a “firetruck vest”, “dinosaur vest” and “truck vest”.   The Hasting Vest is definitely a new favorite in our house and will be used many times over.

Don’t forget to grab your copy.  Right now the vest is on sale, $7.00 for 7 days.


I am excited to be here for the the Upton by Blaverry blog tour.  Upton is the latest of the Bravery collection to be updated.  I adore all the sweet details this dress has to offer.

I had just enough of this gorgeous Fleet and Flourish fabric by Art Gallery left over to make my Upton.  It’s the perfect transition into fall with these vibrant colors.

We don’t have any seasons other then hot and really hot here so I decided on a short sleeve dress in order for her to wear it longer.  Once it gets to short for a dress I think it’ll make the cutest tunic.

With options like three sleeve lengths, contrast front yoke and back detail this pattern has endless possibilities.

Along with these pattern options you also get all the features Braverry patterns have to offer:

Size Range 2T-16

Layered Printing

Detailed instructions including digital images

Finished Measurement Chart and Child Measurement Chart

 I haven’t been sewing with Bravery patterns for a very long time but Christie’s technique has quickly become a favorite of mine.   I enjoy the technical writing her patterns have.  She writes for the advanced seamstress with very clear and easy to understand tutorials.

This dress is one my daughter put one and didn’t want to take off.  She loved how cozyy it was and I loved how quick and easy of a sew it was…win, win!!  I see many more in our future.

A Love for {LaFinch} Fabrics

I have a love-love relationship with fabric.  I love the feel of fabric, I love the look of fabric and I love buying fabric!!  It can make a bad day good again and a good day even better!!  One of my newest loves is for LaFinch Fabrics.  They have an amazing selection of apparel fabrics at a price you can’t beat.

 As part of their 1 year Anniversary, I was selected to sew a few garments with some of their fabrics.  I received 4 yards of fabric (at no cost to me), 2 yards of the Urban Abstract in rayon woven and 2 yards of the rayon challis in the Arcadia print, and in exchange write a review about them.

When I was first asked to participate I had a hard time deciding what I would like to receive so I gave all the decision making power to Josie.  Everything they carry is so beautiful I knew there was no way she could go wrong!!  I stalked the mailman for a few days (I’m pretty sure he thinks I have a crush on him) and was so excited when my package came sooner then expected.

 When I first opened the package I couldn’t get over the cutest sample swatch and thank you card.  I order a LOT of fabric and never have I received a handwritten thank you!!  It was the perfect touch!!

I instantly fell in love with the how soft the Arcadia rayon challis was.  I knew it needed to be used for something I would wear all the time.  I made the Everyday Elegance Top from Patterns for Pirates (affiliate link) and have worn it 3 times this week already!!

My love for the Urban Abstract rayon challis was a little slower to come.  Although beautiful, the fabric pattern wouldn’t have been my first choice.  Not to mention, I had a hard time finding the right pattern to pair it with.  After many failed attempts (the fabric was too thin for the pattern or had a little too much stretch), I went with SewCaroline‘s newest pattern, The Magnolia Shorts. I was determined to sew up something I loved!

These shorts are made to look like a skirt, so you can have the style of dressing up with the ease of wearing shorts.  The rayon woven was perfect for these!  I has just the right drape to make them perfect for a date night outfit (now to find a sitter and we’ll be set).

Both fabrics were a dream to work with and sewed up beautifully.  As soon as I was done sewing I quickly ordered 6 more yards.  Looks like I will be stalking my mailman again this week😉

If you haven’t already visited LaFinch’s website, you should stop reading and stop by.  Let me know what you think!!

 Thanks for reading and Happy Sewing!!

Bonn Shirt and Dress {Itch To Stitch}

Today, Itch to Stitch (affiliate link) is releasing their newest pattern, The Bonn Shirt & Dress (affiliate link).  The Bonn Shirt & Dress is a relaxed fit, front button shirt/dress with slight shaping to the waist.  The four sleeve options make this pattern great for every season.

Bonn Shirt & Dress Features

-Size Range 00-20

-A, B, C, D and DD Cups

-Shirt length and dress length options

-Long, 3/4, short cuff and flare sleeves options

-V neck with modified mandarin collar

-Layers feature (print only the sizes you need)

I took one look at this pattern and knew I wanted to make the dress version with 3/4 sleeves in a denim for fall.  Now fall doesn’t officially start here in Florida for another 3 or 4 months but a girl can dream, right?  I chose a denim from Art Gallery Fabrics to complete this look.  I love working with their denim, it is so soft and has the best drape.  It also doesn’t wrinkle as much as other denims (because who wants to wear wrinkly clothes).

 The dress sews togethers nicely with the clear instructions and illustrations that Kennis gives.  She has also filled the Itch to Stitchblog with great tips, tricks and tutorials for perfectly blending sizes, fearlessly setting in sleeves and tons of other great techniques for a flawless sew.

This week only the *Bonn Shirt & Dress is currently 20% off (use code DREAM).  Kennis is also offering 15% off when you purchase two or more patterns from the shop.  This is a perfect time to stock up on some great patterns!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my fall version of the Bonn Shirt and Dress.  I’d love to hear which version you plan to make first.

Happy Sewing!!

At School and Play with Sisboom {A Pocket Tutorial}


School is in full swing with the first week of kindergarten in the books and we couldn’t be more excited!!  In our house we have an outfit for everything and that includes the first day of school.  For this very occasion my little miss wore her new SisBoom Sally and loved it.

 Sally is a favorite for several reasons…there are no closures, its easy for my daughter to take on and off and it can be layered for the colder months.  But what makes this Sally even more amazing are the large outside pockets I have added (continue reading for a full tutorial).  Pockets are a big deal in our house and because of that I’m always having to check them before doing laundry.

I lined the bodice on this dress (there is a great tutorial in the Facebook group) instead of using bias tape around the neckline and arm holes.  I wanted the inside of the dress to match the inside of the pockets.

I like the inside of my pocket to be just as pretty as the outside, so I have written this tutorial to include a pocket lining.  If you don’t want that extra step or want to save on fabric you will only need to cut two pocket pieces and skip step two.

 1.  Download pattern here

Pocket Piece- cut 4

2”x4-1/2” Binding strip in coordinating fabric- cut 2

 2.  With right sides together, sew along the curved edge of the pocket.  Trim SA with pinking shears or clip with scissors.  Turn right side out and press.  Repeat with the second pocket.

 3.  Make a gathering stitch along the top of the pocket.  Pull the bobbin threads until your pocket is roughly half the original width.

 4.  To create the binding strip, fold the strip in half lengthwise, wrong sides together and press.  This crease will be your guide.  Take the top raw edge and fold down to the center crease and press. Fold the bottom raw edge to the center crease and press.  Unfold.  Along both short raw edges, fold the strip in 1/4 inch, bringing wrong sides together and press.

 5. With right sides together, match the top raw edge of your binding strip to the top raw edge of the gathered pocket.  Sew across the top crease, making sure to sew the 1/4” SA at the short ends of the binding strip to the pocket for a clean finish.

 6.  Fold the binding strip over the raw edges to the wrong side of the pocket and press flat.  Fold in the bottom crease of the binding strip and close by top stitching or stitching in the ditch.

 7.  Pin the pocket in place and top stitch to your Sally dress.  Congratulations you have a beautiful Sally dress with a gathered pocket.

SisBoom Pattern Co. is offering 40% off all patterns until September 4th using the code BACK2SCHOOL!  You can also enter any SisBoom sew between August 1st and Sept 10 in the back to school sew-a-long on the Facebook group for a chance to win your pattern of choice.

 Ok it’s GIVEAWAY time!!

 Leave a comment below with the best hack to your favorite pattern to be entered to win your very own copy of Sally.  For additional entries, follow me on Instagramand like my Facebook page.  Please let me know in your comments so I can count them😉  A random winner will be chosen September 3rd.  Good luck!


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