Sunflower Seams 2021 Costume Tour - Day 2

Sunflower Seams 2021 Costume Tour - Day 2

When I got asked to make a costume out of SS patterns I was so excited because my oldest Daughter had already asked me to make her a Dorothy costume from the Wizard of OZ! 

The only thing that I knew to use was blue gingham, and I had been eying a table cloth that the girls spilled paint in for a while. I knew that I wanted to use it but didn’t know where to start with patterns because I like a quick and easy costume! With a little pattern suggestion help, Magnolia and a Gardenia top we PERFECT.  Quick, cute, and fit the bill.

Pattern, Fabrics, and Supplies

Pattern: Sunflower Seams Magnolia, and Sunflower Seams Gardenia Top


  • Table cloth
  • White rib knit 
  • Tiny ribbon bows 

My changes to the pattern: 

1. I wanted a super full skirt and also wanted to hide the paint stains on my table cloth, so I cut the circle skirt very wide at the top so that I could gather! That is the only change that I made. Ta-da easy Dorothy costume!

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