Shadow Embroidery {Learn a New Technique}

Shadow Embroidery {Learn a New Technique}

Hi Sewing friends! It's Grace here on the blog today sharing a fun embroidery skill!

One of the reasons I started sewing was because I absolutely love the look of heirloom style outfits, and I just knew one day I could make them too. Thank goodness for Sunflower Seams and all their amazing patterns, both embroidery and sewing that allow me to create these timeless looks for my kids. 

Using embroidery patterns is a great way to add heirloom touches to your outfits. As soon as I saw the Forget Me Notembroidery pattern I immediately thought of shadow embroidery. So many components of the pattern are composed of back stitches outlining a shape. Shadow embroidery is a technique where the shape is filled in on the wrong side of the fabric. Because you are embroidering on the back side of the fabric that is designed to be seen through onto the front, this technique is best suited for thinner fabrics such as batiste, muslin, and lawn. These fabrics are lightweight and have sheer or semi-sheer properties.

There are two methods of shadow embroidery: the first is herringbone stitch- which you work from the wrong side of your fabric. The second is the reverse herringbone or the double back stitch- which you work from the front of your fabric.

My preference is to focus on the front and use the double back stitch to make sure there are no gaps on the appearance of the back stitch.

Things to consider when doing shadow embroidery: 

  • Keep your thread tidy in the back since with the sheer fabric it is designed to be seen through the front
  • Cut your string very close to the knots.
  • Using darker shades of the colors will help them be more visible than lighter shades.

Here is a stitch diagram and demonstrations.

Now you have another fun way to embellish your dresses, pillow cases, handkerchiefs with embroidery for unique and beautiful looks!


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