Sunflower Seams: How to Create a Reversible Magnolia {A Tutorial}

How to Create a Reversible Magnolia {A Tutorial}

While designing Magnolia I kept thinking, "This would be so cute as a reversible pinafore". I couldn't get the idea out of my mind so I decided to make one and today I'm showing you how to create a reversible Magnolia of your own. If you haven't purchased the pattern yet you can do so here.

**When cutting out your pattern cut 2 circle skirt pieces, one in your main fabric and one in your lining fabric.

Step One: Create the bodice as instructed until you get to step 14. Sew the side seams only just past the elastic casing. Repeat with the other side.

Step Two: Next align the main bodice sides together and sew from the elastic casing until the bottom edge. Repeat this step for the lining bodice pieces.

Step Three: Flip the main fabric up and away from the lining.

Step Four: Fold the lining up 3/8" (1 cm), wrong sided together, and press. Set the bodice aside.

Step Five: Place the lining skirt piece on top of the main skirt piece, right sides together, and pin. Sew along the bottom edge using a 3/8" (1 cm) seam allowance until you have created a circle. Trim the seam allowance and turn the skirt right side out.

Step Six: Press the skirt well. Topstitch around the bottom of the skirt 1/8" (3 mm) away from the edge. This will help keep the skirt pieces together.

Step Seven: Place the skirt over the bodice, main sides together. Align the the bodice front center with the skirt front center and the bodice back center with the skirt back center. Pin in place, making sure to attach the skirt only to the main bodice. Sew to attach. Trim the seam allowance.

Step Eight: Working from the lining side of the pinafore, fold the bodice lining down over the seam and pin in place. Topstitch 1/8" (3mm) away from the fold edge.

Designer Note: I like to use a glue stick to help keep the lining in place when topstitching.

Tada, you are done!! And now you have 2 pinafores in 1!!

Happy Sewing!

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