Wrap Up Your Holidays in Style: Crafting a Reversible Holiday Apron with Willow

Wrap Up Your Holidays in Style: Crafting a Reversible Holiday Apron with Willow

Please note, you will need to own the Willow pattern to complete this tutorial.

Cut your pieces:

  1. Cut 2 front bodices (1 of each main fabric).
  2. Cut 2 tie straps (use a fabric that coordinates with both main fabrics).
  3. Cut 2 waist straps (I made mine 4”x50” for width that fits sizes 2-8, but you can make this wider or narrower as you see fit and longer for bigger kids).

NOTE: if you need longer, but do not want to cut on the bias, you can cut two center piece and four side pieces.

  1. Cut 2 skirt pieces (1 of each main fabric)
  2. OPTIONAL: Cut ruffle pieces 4” x (length of sides and bottom of skirt x2)- this will take multiple pieces to achieve the length necessary.

Once all of your pieces are ready, let’s get sewing!

Seam Allowances are ⅜”

Construction Steps:

  1. Fold the tie straps in half horizontally and press.
  1. Sew one short edge and the entire long edge closed.  Repeat with second strap.
  2. Turn the straps right side out and press.
  3. Place the front main pieces right sides together and sew the side seams and armscye.
  1. Place the straps inside the bodice tight to the seam of each side and pin in place and Sew across the top of the bodice.
  1. Clip your corners and use pinking shears or clip along the curved edge.
  2. Turn right side out and press, topstitch if desired.
  1. Construct your ruffle (optional):
    1. sewing your pieces into one long piece that is double the length of your outside skirt length.
    2. Press the seams open.
    3. Fold the ruffle piece in half horizontally WRONG sides together and press.
    4. Sew 2-3 rows of gathering stitches along the raw edge of the ruffle piece.
    5. Gather the ruffle so that it is the length of your skirt piece.
  2. Place your skirt pieces right sides together.
  3. If desired, round the bottom edge of your skirt piece (I literally fold the skirt so that the short raw sides are lined up and then take a circular object like a cup or large ribbon spool and use it as a template).
  1. Baste the ruffle to the right side of one of your skirt pieces.
  1. If doing the ruffle, sandwich the ruffle between the two main skirt pieces aligning the raw edges.
  1. Sew along the two short sides and the bottom of the skirt (Leave the top open).
  2. Clip curves, turn right side out and press.
  3. Sew 2-3 rows of gathering stitches across the top raw edge of your skirt piece.
  4. Gather your skirt so that it is approximately 1” longer than the bodice. Set aside.
  1. Fold your long sides of your waist straps wrong sides together ⅜” and press (this is making a memory crease to sew along).
  1. Find the center of 1 of your waist straps and the center of your bodice.  Unfold your waist strap and align the raw edges of your bodice (center to center) right sides together.
  1. Find the center of your second waist strap and match it with the center of the other side of your bodice -this will sandwich your bodice between the waist straps.  Sew the waist strap, leaving a gap at the bottom about 2” longer than your skirt.
  1. Clip your corner, turn right side out and press.
  1. Flip one of the waist strap folds out and center your skirt to match your bodice.  Put raw sides together and sew along your memory crease.  NOTE: You are only sewing through ONE of the waist straps, not both.  Also, make sure you will have the correct main fabric matching your bodice.
  1. Flip your skirt piece up and inside the waist strap. 
  2. Align your unsewn waist strap with the folded edge just covering the stitch line from step 20.  
  3. Top stitch the entire waist strap.  This will close the gap and finish the waist band simultaneously.  
  1. Remove any showing gathering stitches from apron and ENJOY. :)
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