How to Mash Daphne & Willow to Create an Adorable Romper {A Tutorial}

How to Mash Daphne & Willow to Create an Adorable Romper {A Tutorial}

Hey everyone!! I am on the blog today to show you all one of my favorite mashes in a while: a Daphne Skirted Romper!! This piece is accomplished by mashing an almost completed Daphne peplum with the romper bottom of Willow

Daphne and Willow are both offered in baby and girl. The romper bottom goes to a size 4, so this mash is only available for sizes NB-4. If your intended model is outside of this size range, do not fear!! Daphne’s peplum looks amazing with Lavender’s or Bramble’s shorts!Let’s get started!!

Pieces you will need: 

  • All pieces listed for the Daphne peplum based on the options selected.
  • Cut 1 Willow Romper Front 
  • Cut 1 Willow Romper Back 
  • Cut 2 Willow Leg Bias Casings
  • Cut 2 Willow Crotch Pieces 
  • Cut 2 Willow Leg Elastic Pieces


First things first, complete Steps 1-32 of the Daphne tutorial based on the options selected. 

Next, turn the skirt inside out and insert the bodice into the skirt. Align the raw edge of the bodice with the gathered raw edge of the skirt. Adjust the gathers of the skirt so that they are even. Attach the skirt to the bodice using a ¼” seam allowance. DO NOT ZIG-ZAG STITCH or SERGE.

Now complete Steps 47-60 of the Willow tutorial.

And there you have it!! You have just turned your Daphne peplum into an adorable skirted romper! Once you give this mash a try, be sure to share your creation on the Sunflower Seams Facebook Group so I can show your work some love!!

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