How to Make Suspenders and a Bow Tie

How to Make Suspenders and a Bow Tie

Hello all my sewing friends!  It’s Tamar from Tamar Hope Designs.  I’ve been diving into some spring sewing lately, and I’m so excited to show you how to add button-on suspenders to Blue Star

I have so much fun sewing dapper little boy’s outfits.  Blue Star and Alder are such a great combo, and these suspenders and bow-tie just put the cuteness factor over the top!!!! 

Here’s what you need to make your own suspenders:

3 1” triangle buckle rings (alternately, you can also use 1” rectangle rings)

2 suspender slide adjusters

1” colored woven elastic

Faux leather (or leather)

Buttons (3 small buttons for the suspenders)

3 rivets (optional)

The first step is to cut your elastic.  For my size 2T suspenders, I cut two lengths of elastic 21” long and one 5” long.  To determine the length of  your elastic, you can measure from the pants line of your model, over the shoulder and to the mid-back.  Add several inches to this measurement.  Another way to get your measurement is to take the trunk measurement and subtract approximately 10 inches.  You don’t need exact measurements because the suspenders will be adjustable.  The shorter length of elastic needs to reach from the back pants line up to the mid-back of your model. 

Next, thread one end of each long length of elastic through the slide adjuster.  The teeth of the slide adjuster should point toward the back.  Fold the strap over and sew as close as possible to the metal.  (Using a zipper foot makes this step easier).  Be sure to sew back and forth a few times for extra stability. 

Take the other end of the long elastic length and thread it through the triangle buckle ring and back up through the slide adjuster. 

Next, cut six leather pieces for the buttonholes.  The top should be a 1” wide strip ending with a circular bottom.  Also, cut one hexagon.  The bottom and top two diagonal sides of the hexagon should be 1” long. 

Sew two buttonhole tabs together, wrong sides together. 

Sew the hexagon pieces, wrong sides together with the elastic sandwiched in between the two layers.  

Thread the buttonhole tabs through the triangle buckle rings and fold the end over.  Secure with a rivet.  (Alternatively, you can sew the leather together beneath the ring and as close as possible to the ring.)  Sew a buttonhole in the tab. 

Sew the buttons on the waistband of your Blue Star pants.  Button those cute suspenders to your pants! 

Next we get to make the bow-tie!  Cut two rectangles.  One 8” x 4” and one 3” x 2”. 

Fold the two rectangles lengthwise right sides together and sew with a ¼” seam allowance. 


Turn tubes right side out and iron with the seam to the back. 


Fold in half, right sides together.  Sew with a ¼” seam allowance. 


Turn right side out.  Accordion fold.  Tie a thread around the center of the bow to secure. 


Wrap the bow center around the bow and sew as close as possible to the bow. 


Cut a length of ⅜” elastic the length of the neckline circumference on your Alder.  Thread the elastic through the back of the bow. 


Sew velcro to the ends of the elastic. 


And you're done!  Have fun dressing up your little guy! 

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