How to Make Baby Pine Polo into a Romper {A Tutorial}

How to Make Baby Pine Polo into a Romper {A Tutorial}

Hello sewing friends!  It’s Tamar back on the blog today to share a fun summer sewing hack for the little guys in your life.  When it comes to summer outfits for babies, I say the easier and cooler, the better.  That’s why I love rompers!  No need to match.  Just throw it on and go, and stay cool during those hot summer days.

My love for rompers made me want to make the adorable Baby Pine into a summer romper.  And I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

Let’s get right to the tutorial, so you can make your own Baby Pine Romper!


Note: I sized up one size because I like rompers to be slightly roomier than onesies.  

First of all, we need to slightly modify the pattern.  Start with the back piece.  Draw a curved line from the existing crotch line straight down.  Make the distance from the existing crotch to the new bottom cut line the length of your desired inseam +hem allowance.  I wanted a 1½ inch inseam, so adding a ¾ inch hem allowance, my new bottom cut line is 2 ¼ inch below the existing crotch line.  The width of my curve is 1 ⅛ inch. 

Draw a straight line from the side seam down to the new bottom cut line.  Cut out your back piece.

The front piece needs to be the same length as the back piece.  Placing the front piece on top of the back piece, line the pattern pieces up at the shoulder.  The existing crotch line of the back piece will be longer than the existing crotch line of the front piece.  Tape the two pattern pieces together.  Cut your fabric out along the top of the top piece and the new bottom of the back piece.

Cut out the remainder of the pieces for your desired options.  Do not cut the crotch placket out yet, we will measure for that and cut it out later.


Follow steps 1-26.  (Note: Any color blocking and/or applique should be done prior to step 1)

For step 27 simply sew the side seam from the arm hole straight down to the bottom of the romper.

Follow steps 29-51


Press the bottom edge under ¾ inch.  Topstitch the hem in place with a stretch stitch, double needle, or coverstitch.

Straighten the crotch line and measure the length.

Add 1 inch to this measurement to get the width of your placket.  The length of your placket will be 2 ¾ inch.  (My placket measured 2 ¾ inch long by 6 ¼ inch wide)

Straighten the crotch.  Without stretching, sew the crotch to the placket.

Continue the placket construction with steps 56-58

Add four snaps evenly dispersed along the crotch.

You’re Done!  Throw that romper on your little one and dive into summer!

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