How to Create a Fabric Mockup {A Tutorial}

How to Create a Fabric Mockup {A Tutorial}

What is worse than sewing up a beautiful pattern to find that you are not in love with your fabric choices?  Maybe you feel like you do not have a “designer’s” eye and struggle to visualize how your fabrics will look together. Well, I have a solution for you that will have you creating beautiful clothing in no time.  

Hi, my name is Tiffany, and I would like to show you all how to achieve beautiful layouts with an app designed for the IPAD.  IBIS Paint X is a free app and is very beginner friendly.  I have been using IBIS Paint X for the last several years to create mock-ups of patterns with my selected fabrics. If you are wondering what the difference is between IBIS Paint and IBIS Paint X, it is that IBIS Paint cost $4.99 and is ad free whereas the IBIS Paint X version is free and contains ads.  You can choose to purchase the “add-on to remove ads” within IBIS Paint X also and then it essentially acts just like IBIS Paint.  I personally do not find the ads distracting and will work with IBIS Paint X for this tutorial. 

  If you follow along with the IBIS Paint X video tutorial below you are certain to have immediate success.

Sunflower Seams has recently launched their pattern line and I am in love.  Better yet so is my daughter.  The twirl factor of this two-tiered skirt is a win in her books! I have used the newly released Violet for this tutorial.  Violet is a bib front pattern that is jam packed with lots of options.  Those options include: 

-Vintage or Dress Length,

-Bubble Option for smaller sizes, 

-Simple skirt or 2-tiered skirt, 

-Optional bodice bib with or without ruffle, 

-Sleeves: sleeveless, short, elbow or long, 

-Dress or top with a two-tiered skirt, or bubble romper.  

There are so many variations available that allow your creativity to flow. With this app you see the pattern come to life with your selected fabrics allowing you to fall in love with your final creation before you ever get your sewing machine turned on.  I hope you find this tutorial extremely helpful.  I look forward to seeing all the beautiful creations you make.  Do not forget to join the Facebook group, Sunflowers Seams Pattern Group. You can find the Violet patternHERE.

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