How to Create a Break Away Tie using Thistle

How to Create a Break Away Tie using Thistle

Hello fellow sewists!  Tamar here, back on the blog to show you a super simple hack to make Thistle a baby safe break-away tie!  I love little baby boys in ties.  It’s just so stinkin’ cute!  Now you can make all the baby ties to match all of your Baby Alder shirts or Alder/Olive mashes.

If you want a tutorial for mashing Olive and Alder to make the perfect dress shirt bodysuit, check out the blog post from last week, HERE

Now for the tie.  Start by following the instructions for the size small tie.  Tie the tie the length that you need for your baby.  Don’t worry about the size of the neck loop.  Just make sure the tie is the right length for your baby. 

Find the center back of the neck loop and cut.

Wrap the neck loop around baby’s neck to determine how long it needs to be.  Cut the excess off each side, leaving an extra ¼ inch for the seam allowance.  (For reference, 12.5 inches is a good finished circumference for most 8-12 month olds.)

Cut hook and loop tabs approximately 1 inch long and tapered at one end.

Fold the cut edges of the neck loop in ¼ inch and press.  Slide the hook tab into the left side of the tie, the hooks facing the outside of the neck loop.   Topstitch across both ends of the neck loop.  

Sew the loop tab to the inside of the right side of the neck loop.  (If you want the tie to be adjustable, sew two or more loop tabs to the inside right of the neck loop.)

And you’re done!  Easy as that! 

Now go make a tie to match every Alder and Olive/Alder mash in your little one’s closet!

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