How to Add Bunny Ears to your Pinecone Sunsuit {A Tutorial}

How to Add Bunny Ears to your Pinecone Sunsuit {A Tutorial}

Spring has sprung! Bring on all the adorable spring time looks- my absolute favorite season to sew for. I think my favorite Easter motif to sew with for my girls is bunnies! Bunnies can carry you well past Easter into the spring and summer so your hard sewing work lasts more than a few weeks.


So when my mind wandered through Pinterest and I saw the most adorable romper with bunny ears I just knew I had to make it and Pinecone was the perfect base! Of course if you are more into dresses, Willow would also work absolutely perfectly for this as well!


I used the Begonia Bunny ears as a template to take out the guesswork, however, if you don’t have that pattern you could easily draw your own bunny ears. I did use a much bigger seam allowance as I was making a very small size.

To start, I cut all of the pinecone romper (or willow dress) according to the pattern, then I cut 4 ear pieces- 2 main and 2 lining pieces.  Sew the main and lining together for each side, leaving the small end open for turning.  Clip the edges and then turn right side out and press. 


Now your bunny ears are made and now you will begin constructing your garment. Get your pain and lining pieces of the front of the pinecone romper. Measure ⅜” (the Seam allowance that is included in all of Sunflower Seams patterns) in from the top of each side (as shown in the picture). This is where you will line your ears up so they hit right at the edge of your romper without getting caught into the seam allowance. 

At this point you can also choose to embroider a bunny face onto the romper- eyes, nose and whiskers. I happened to have a bunny face machine embroidery design so I used that. By adding it to just the main piece before sewing to the lining all of the threads will be hidden and not irritate your little one. 


Once you are ready to start sewing, construct pinecone(or whatever pattern you're using) per the pattern with the only addition is to add the ears between the main and lining before sewing. Finish your garment and now you have the most ADORABLE bunny romper or dress!  

I can’t wait to see all your spring creations! 

Happy Sewing!


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