Finishing your Embroidery Hoop with Ribbon {A Tutorial}

Finishing your Embroidery Hoop with Ribbon {A Tutorial}

Everyone loves all the beautiful hand embroidered dresses but what about using the Oak, Nightshade, Peppermint, or Snowdrop patterns to create beautiful holiday decorations for your home or Christmas tree ornaments.  It's easy to give the back of your embroidery a beautiful finish too!

To get a decorative hoop you can either buy different types, shapes and sizes of decorative frames, like these ones  from Amazon. Or you could use a regular wooden hoop and wrap in ribbon like this one I did below. I used a velvet trim on the hoop and combined with the fact that I did my embroidery on a thick wool boulce coating fabric my fabric hoop wouldn’t close due to thickness, so keep that in mind when choosing a fabric and ribbon when choosing this method.

If you want to wrap the hoop in ribbon I only secured the ends with a bit of hot glue, I didn’t use any hot glue all the way around. The tension of the hoop keeps it all in place without adding any more thickness from hot glue on the hoop. Then hoop your embroidery in the frame centering the embroidery within it.

After hooping the embroidery I trim the fabric around the hoop so there is about 1” sticking out from the edge of the hoop. Next take a hand needle and thread some sewing thread (Not embroidery thread) on it. You will sew a long gathering stitch around the outside edge

I like to tie a knot at one end so that it doesn’t come out. After getting all the way around pull the gathering stitch tight so that the fabric lays into the hoop. 

To finish off your hoop hiding the back of the stitches, trace your hoop size onto a piece of felt. Cut it out and use hot glue to secure it to the back of the hoop.

And you are all finished and ready to display your wall hanging or ornaments anywhere in your house!

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