Chicory Shaker Bag {A Tutorial}

Chicory Shaker Bag {A Tutorial}

Don’t you love giving handmade gifts? In a world of 2-day delivery, there is something special about taking the time to sit down, plan, think and create a personalized gift for a loved one. Today, I want to show you a quick and fun hack using the Chicory bag. Not only are they personalized, but they add a little sparkle to the season!


Chicory Pattern

• 10 Gauge Vinyl

• OPTIONAL: Self Adhesive Vinyl and a Vinyl Cutting Machine (I used a Cricut) 

STEP 1: Cut your 10 gauge vinyl the same size as the main pattern piece. 

OPTIONAL: if you are adding a name (like the Abigail bag), cut your self adhesive vinyl on your Circut, Silhoutte or other vinyl cutting machine. The adhesive side will be what shows, so double check that you like what the color looks like on the back of the vinyl! Be sure to mirror your image.

Place your self adhesive vinyl on the direct center of the 10 gauge vinyl (as shown in the picture), with the two short ends at top and bottom. Make sure there are no bubbles and the self adhesive vinyl is secured well. 

Place your 10 gauge vinyl on top of the right side of your main pattern piece. If you added the self adhesive vinyl, it should be touching the right side of the fabric. Sew along the two long edges. I find that using tissue paper between the foot and 10 gauge vinyl helps prevent sticking when sewing. 

Follow steps 9-11 in the pattern on one side of the bag, but don’t repeat for the other side.

Before repeating steps 9-11, fill the space between the main fabric and vinyl with glitter, sequins and any other bling you can think of!

Follow the rest of the pattern to complete! The fun of Chicory is that you can do so many things to make it your own. Not only did I add glitter, but I also adjusted the zipper on this bag. 

Then, for the gold bag, I used a gold glitter placemat.

Last, but not least, I made the pink bag using large sequins and the vinyl name method. The options are endless, and the best part is that each of these bags took me 10 mins or less to make! Chicory bags for EVERYONE this year!!

Merry Christmas, and I can’t wait to see what you create!

Happy sewing!

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