Adding French Seams to Any Garment {A Tutorial}

Adding French Seams to Any Garment {A Tutorial}

Have you ever been working on a project and need to finish a side seam when your serger needle breaks? Or maybe you don’t have a serger but you really want neat professional seams inside your garments? Or you have a child with fabric sensitivities and they find seams to be itchy?Well one technique for a clean finish I’ve discovered that you will absolutely love is a French Seam.

Lately I have discovered the world of heirloom sewing and different techniques that are used to create long lasting garments. A french seam is a neat and tidy way to hide a seam inside your garment with no serger required. And while it may take an extra minute or two of time, it encloses the side seams creating a garment as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. Plus you learn something new, which I am all about!

French seams are also super easy, and here is how you can do it too! Since all the Sunflower Seams patterns use a ⅜ “ SA the measurements in this tutorial will follow that, but they can be adjusted for other SA options as well. I will show you using the Rue Blouse Pattern, but I’ve found it to be very successful in all side seams- inside skirts and romper bottoms as well!

When you get to the step about sewing the side seam together follow these steps instead.

Step one: Fabric wrong sides together. Using a ⅛ “ SA sew your seam with the fabric wrong sides together.

Step two: Press the seam open

Step three: turn fabric right side together and using ¼” SA  sew your seam with fabric right side together. 

Step four: Press to one side.

And then step back enjoy your beautiful finish and then continue on to the next step and complete your beautiful garment! 

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