Adding a Ruffle Bum to the Laelia Swimsuit {A Tutorial}

Adding a Ruffle Bum to the Laelia Swimsuit {A Tutorial}

Hey there! I’m here with the cutest little modification on the brand new Laelia swimsuit. It is so easy, but the results are just TOO adorable! I mean….who DOESN’T love cutie bum ruffles?!

Yes yes!! Little bum ruffles are the most delightful addition to little swimsuits. Trust me, they are so quick, they basically jump onto the suit themselves! Let’s get started.

Depending on how many ruffles you’d like, cut 2” strips roughly twice the width of the back bottoms. If you want longer ruffles, feel free to cut longer than 2”. I cut three ruffles, but it’s all personal preference. Ruffles are very forgiving, so it doesn’t have to be exact, we want no added stress…just fun!

Before sewing up the bottoms, we’re going to add the ruffles! Because it’s swim fabric, don’t worry about hemming the ruffles. Run a gathering stitch through the first ruffle, using a 1/4” seam allowance. Gather the ruffle to be slightly longer than the back piece. After looking at the fit of the suit, I decided to add my bottom ruffle just above the leg opening on the backside, but this is completely personal preference. I used the scales on the fabric as a guide, but if you don’t have convenient horizontal lines on your fabric, draw a line from one side to the other to guide your ruffles. Sew over the gathering stitch with a zig zag stitch onto the suit to attach the bottom ruffle. 

Gather your next ruffle, and line it up just above the bottom ruffle about 1/4”. Attach the ruffle with a zigzag stitch over the gathering seam. Repeat this with however many ruffles you’d like!

Trim the ruffles on the sides and around the leg openings….

….and now you’re finished adding bum ruffles!! Just include the ruffles in the side seam and leg opening. If it’s easier, you can also baste the sides down before continuing. But mostly……enjoy those little bum ruffles!!

Happy Sewing!!

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