Adding a Loop and Button to Jasper

Adding a Loop and Button to Jasper

Hi I'm Grace!! Isn't Jasper just the perfect winter pattern? With its beautiful long bishop sleeves and full twirly skirt (a must have in our house!) that keyhole back, each design feature is perfect.

But if you're like me and have kiddos that are pretty picky about their clothes, especially when it comes to bows on their backs, then I have the perfect Jasper hack for you! All you will need is 1 button and some narrow elastic - either elastic cording or ⅛" elastic. Even a hair tie can be used for this quick hack! Today, I am going to show you how to replace the bow closure on Jasper with an elastic loop and button closure. Presto no more carseat complaints from your kid!

Start by cutting out all pieces as per the pattern for either the top or dress. EXCEPT for the ties.

Next find one button and cut about a 2" long piece of elastic. 

Construct pattern as written, until you get to where you sandwich the ties in between the main and lining. On one side you will add the elastic loop where the tie goes. On the other side just leave it as is and still sew it closed. Sew around the neck opening as directed and turn out.

After turning the bodice or top right side out, on the side without the elastic sew on the button. And you're done! Hopefully no more carseat complaints of hurting backs! 

Happy Sewing!

xoxo - Grace

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