Adding a Hidden Cuff to Blue Star

Adding a Hidden Cuff to Blue Star

When I found out I was going to be able to test the new Sunflower Seams Blue Star pants, I was excited. My string bean child is growing like a weed and (adjustable waist?! YES PLEASE!) I have been making and buying pants constantly for the last six months, just trying to keep up with his growth. It’s the holiday season too, so having a pair of nice pleated pants really made me want to sew these up. Grayson is particular though. If I’m going to put him in a pair of fancy pants… there has to be something “cool,” to entice him to wear them. I wanted to sew in some cool hidden cuffs. It may be enticing for him but I also just like the style of a cuffed pant. It can highlight a cool pair of shoes or socks and it can be a good disguise for pants that are just a tad bit too short. It just gives a cool look to any pair of pants- so let’s make it even cooler with an accent fabric.

Here’s how I did it. 

This pattern begins after step 24 in the Blue Star pattern. Pant leg side seams should be sewn but the pant leg is not yet hemmed.

Step 1: Cut pattern pieces. Using the existing Blue Star pattern pant leg, use the bottom six inches of the front and back pant leg to make your pattern pieces. (if you made the regular or tapered fit, make sure you cut the width accordingly. Here I cut tapered to match the tapered pant I made) You will need 2 front pieces and 2 back pieces.

Step 2: Place front and back pieces right sides together, aligning the side seams, pin/clip & sew. Iron the seams flat.

Step 3: Create cuff by folding wrong sides together. Press.

Step 4: Insert the cuff into the existing 1” memory fold in the pant leg, aligning the seams. Pin in place. Hem ⅛” away from the top folded edge of the pant hem.

You now have a hidden cuff! You can leave the pant un-cuffed for a more streamlined look or you can give it a good cuff to uncover your accent fabric. 

Happy Sewing!

xoxo - Sara

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