This Violet/Sunflower Mash Is a Dream {Riley Blake Designs}

This Violet/Sunflower Mash Is a Dream {Riley Blake Designs}

Hi friends!! I recently received the cutest fabric collection, Dream, from Riley Blake Designs and couldn't resist mashing our Violet and Sunflower dresses together to make this adorable sundress for my daughter.

To create this look I laid the bodice of Sunflower over the bib from Violet, matching up the center necklines of both patterns. Then I traced around the neckline of Sunflower, stopping 3/8" from the edge. The bib is wider than the bodice so you will also need to slim. Starting from the bottom curve of the bib, gradually draw a curved line up to meet the neckline. Cut out the bodice and bib and get to work.

You will attach the bib exactly like the instruction in Violet and then proceed with the instructions from Sunflower.

The Dream collection was perfect for this sweet summer dress. This collection is filled with a full spectrum of color, featuring dreamy shapes like rainbows, clouds, hearts, and raindrops. It is any little girl's dreams come true and my daughter is no exception.

I always let her pic out which prints from the collection she likes best. Now that she is getting older I want to make sure I am keeping true to her sweet personality plus it makes it more special when we work on a project together.

To no surprise of mine she chose Dream Main in rainbow and Dream in Color in vivid

I had a lot of fun playing with these fun fabrics, using the main in rainbow for the straps, bib ruffle and an added skirt band.

Dream by Kristy Lea is on its way to your favorite local and online quilt shops. Pre-order yours today to get your hands on one of these yummy bundles of cuteness.

Happy Sewing!

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