Sunflower Seams 2021 Costume Tour- Day 1

Sunflower Seams 2021 Costume Tour- Day 1

Kristen here and I am super excited to show you all what I have created for my stop on the 2021 Costume Tour. Right now my little Carolynn is obsessed with Moana. We watch it at least once a day and listen to the music multiple times a day. Even at one and a half years old she is a total beach baby and has made it her happy place. So my decision to make a Moana costume for her was the easiest one I have made in awhile!

Pattern, Fabrics, and Supplies

Pattern: Willow (Baby Willow here)

- Bodice: Indy Bloom's Paperie in Cardinal Red from Hawthorne Supply Co.
- Top Skirt: Robert Kauffman's Brussels Washer in Natural from Hawthorne Supply Co.
- Bottom Skirt: Indy Bloom's Gingham in Gold from Hawthorne Supply Co.

- Bodice Trim: Crochet Ivory Trim from Hobby Lobby (not available online)
- Skirt Trim: Fringe Lace Trim Fringe from Hobby Lobby

Skirt Flowers:
- Gold Fabric
- HeatnBond Ultra-Hold Iron On Adhesive
- Moana skirt flower image to use as a template. I just googled one to use.

My changes to the pattern:

  1. For the bodice details I took a washable pen and made curved lines that resembled Moana's bodice. Then, I topstitched the trim on along those lines.
  2. I used the double skirt option offered for Willow, but made the top skirt a faux wrap. To accomplish this, all I did was take one of the top skirt's width measurement, added 3 inches, then cut out what would be my front skirt. Then I took the newest skirt width and divided it by three. I laid the skirt piece down flat. I took the calculated measurement and used it to measure from one side of the skirt. Then I fold the skirt piece in half at that measurement. Starting at the top of the fold line, I cut at a diagonal line rounding it out once I reached the bottom of the skirt. That gave me two front skirt pieces (one longer than the other) and a folded bell shaped piece. I threw the bell shaped piece away.
  3. Then I took the uncut skirt (this is the back piece) and laid it down flat with the right side of the fabric facing up. Next I attached the front skirts to the back skirts like the instructions stated just making sure that my rounded ends were facing down.
  4. Next, I took my fringe trim and attached it upside down to the top skirt on the right side of the fabric. I started at the top point on one of the front pieces working my way down to the rounded edge, across the bottom, and back up to the opposite point. After serging the trim and the skirt, I flipped the trim down and topstitched the trim/ skirt down.
  5. I added my skirt flowers at this point. I used HeatnBond Ultra and a Moana flower template I found online to make the flowers.
  6. Once it came time to attach the top skirt to the bottom skirt, I lined up my side seams. Starting at each side seam, I pinned the top of the front until it overlapped. Then I gathered and attached as the Willow instructions stated.

I also made her flower crown using hot glue, felt, and fake flowers! It was a sew to remember and I hope that this costume inspires you all to try something fun with your favorite Sunflower Seams Pattern too!!!

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