Shoulder Bows: The Festive Fashion Trend Taking Over Holiday Dresses!

Shoulder Bows: The Festive Fashion Trend Taking Over Holiday Dresses!

Shoulder Bows are a huge trend for both girls and women’s dresses this holiday season. As I scrolled through Pinterest looking for inspiration for this year's holiday outfits I saw dress after dress with big bows on the shoulders replacing the big sashes in the back.

My oldest daughter is not a big fan of bows that push into her back at all, but bows are life! Shoulder bows seemed like a great way to add drama to the dress without being met by her disapproval!

I used Yarrow for my dress and used the Freesia bow pattern to create my shoulder bows!

Using the Freesia Bow pattern, to create each shoulder bow I cut the bow center at the length mentioned in the pattern. I then cut two pieces measuring 6 inches in width and the desired length for the short tail bow, shaping them into rectangles. Additionally, I cut two more pieces to form the bow top, each measuring 6 inches in size.


photo 3 and 4


Sew the right sides together of the short bow tail  and the bow top together to create a rectangle (leave a small 1” hole to turn out), turn right side out and press.


The short bow tail will become the top of the bow, overlapping the short edge. Layer it on top of the bow top rectangle which is now the bottom layer.  Make the bow center as directed in the pattern and add the bow through the center.


I then hand stitched each bow to the shoulder seam.


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