Sunflower Seams: How to Become a Pattern Tester for Sunflower Seams

How to Become a Pattern Tester for Sunflower Seams

Sunflower Seams: How to Become a Pattern Tester for Sunflower Seams


Many inquiries have been received regarding how to become a pattern tester for Sunflower Seams. Recognizing the widespread interest among our Sunflower Seams fans, we've opted to address this query through a dedicated blog post. Let's delve into the essential details that everyone is eager to learn.

What do Pattern Testers Do?


Pattern testers play such a pivotal role at Sunflower Seams, shouldering a range of responsibilities. Mainly, testers are responsible for helping the design team ensure a perfect fit for all of our patterns. Testers are obligated to measure their child before each testing phase. Throughout the testing process, they construct a bodice and furnish fit pictures to the designer. Upon receiving all fit pictures, the designer incorporates necessary changes to the design, and this iterative process may repeat. Once the pattern pieces are perfected, testers proceed to craft a final garment using these revised pieces and capture conclusive photos of their models wearing the completed attire. When the pattern is released, testers exhibit their beautiful creations in the Sunflower Seams Facebook group, addressing inquiries and sharing their experiences. Those testers who meet the specified requirements are rewarded with the final pattern as a complimentary gesture.

How often do we post Tester Calls?

About twice a year or if we are in need of a certain size, Sunflower Seams will post a tester call in the Facebook group. We usually will leave these tester calls open for 3-5 days.

What do we Look for in a Pattern tester?

When selecting new Sunflower Seams testers, several factors are taken into account. A diverse mix of skills, ranging from beginners to advanced sewists, is highly valued. Beginners ensure the clarity of instructions and accessibility of patterns, while advanced sewists contribute valuable insights and recommendations for pattern tutorials. Active participation in the main Sunflower Seams Facebook group is another important determination, as it indicates a tester's willingness to engage with the sewing community. The level of activity within the group is a good indicator of a tester's capability to meet the expectations of testing, which is a substantial time commitment.

Photography is also a key consideration, given its significance in the fashion industry. A child's cooperative demeanor, a clear focus, and basic photography skills are observed during the tester call. Sunflower Seams requests styled photos with a non-busy background in a natural outdoor setting, free from harsh sun or shadows.

Styling holds its own importance, with Sunflower Seams favoring garments made from timeless fabrics for longevity on the website. Natural styling during photoshoots captures the essence of the brand.

During a tester call, applicants are required to fill out an application form and post a styled photo of their model in a Sunflower Seams garment. We suggest our customers practice the process by creating and photographing a favorite Sunflower Seams garment, posting the work in the group for potential notice during future tester calls. Notably, some exceptional long-term testers have been discovered through their frequent posts in the group, catching the attention of Sunflower Seams without the need for a formal tester call.

Happy Sewing!

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Please do let me know if there is a opening for patterns tester’s or a fashion designer

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