2023 Sunflower Seams' Spooktacular Costume Week: Day Two

2023 Sunflower Seams' Spooktacular Costume Week: Day Two

Happy Tuesday, Sunflower Seams family!  As we continue our exciting week of costumes, we have something special in store for you today. Today, BJ has not one, but two incredible costumes to share with you all. So, grab your favorite cup of tea, get cozy, and let's dive into the magic of costumes!


First up, BJ is ready to blow your minds with a costume that's nothing short of spectacular. This Glinda costume is all about creativity and pushing boundaries. From intricate hand-sewn details to extravagant accessories, every element has been carefully crafted to create a show-stopping look. 

"For this project, I opted for a luxurious satin fabric as the base. To add a touch of enchantment and volume to the skirt, I layered two tiers of tulle. I also used the tulle to form whimsical circle sleeves.

I adorned the skirt and crown with sparkling rhinestone star iron-ons. Additionally, I extended the King Crown by an extra 2 inches, drawing inspiration from Queen Anne's regal style.

The patterns I chose for the Glinda costume are Florentina, Queen Anne, and Blazing Star."

Winnie the Pooh

Looking for a fun and easy costume your child can wear to school? BJ has created the sweetest Winnie the Pooh costume that your little one will adore. 

With its cozy yellow leggings and adorable bear ears, this costume will make your child feel like they've stepped right into the Hundred Acre Wood. It's not only cute but also comfortable, making it perfect for a day of school activities and Halloween fun.

"For the Pooh bear costume, I used a double brushed poly fabric from Olga's Closet. Patterns used are Larkspur and Lunaria and I did not make any changes."

Be sure to join us again tomorrow as well as the rest of the week as there are still some amazing costumes to still show you all!! And as always, don't forget to check out our Facebook group to see more pictures from Bj!

Happy Sewing!

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