Stitching Stories of Style: Unveiling the Versatility of Clove Pattern for Kids!

Stitching Stories of Style: Unveiling the Versatility of Clove Pattern for Kids!

When sewing and pattern designing, I feel that I make a lot more outfits for my daughter. 

My boys love mommy made clothes as well, so I wanted to challenge myself to include them in the process more. Clove is perfect for all my children because of its gender neutrality.

 Their favorite part of Clove is that it has a plethora of pockets to store their trinkets. After photographing these outfits, a few flowers and rocks may or may not have traveled home with us. Thankfully I discovered them before they entered the wash. 

Even though it offers an elastic waistband I love that it has a functional drawstring for extra security that their pants stay where they need to be when they are out and about discovering the world. 

 The top is drafted for knit fabric, which my daughter claims “is the coziest” type of fabric. I used Cotton Lycra from

The bottoms are drafted for both knit and woven fabrics. For a fancier look I used Robert Kauffman Linen. For my daughter’s I added lace trim to the hem and used the same lace for the functional drawstring to give it a daintier and feminine look. 

My son requested a “sporty” version for his basketball practice, so I also made him a pair out of dimple mesh fabric (also from For his sporty version I used the inseam pockets from Camellia. 

Also like the book When You Give a Mouse a Cookie, my daughter requested a “sporty” version. I made her a pair in the shortie length to go over her dance leotard (Powderpuff, Jasmine, Gardenia mash) in dimple mesh fabric as well (both black Cotton Lycra fabric and dimple mesh from 

 Whether your child is getting ready for a playdate or a fancy event, Clove can be customized to fit your needs. 

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