An Enchanting Summer {A Gallery of Special Occasion Sunflowers}

An Enchanting Summer {A Gallery of Special Occasion Sunflowers}

During testing of Sunflower I asked a few of the testers to take the pattern and make something for a special occasion. I wanted to show how versatile this pattern really was. I provided them with a mood board of what I was envisioning but also told them they had creative freedom to create something phenomenal.

To say I was excited with their final product is an understatement. Each of these testers took an already beautiful pattern and turned it in to something magical.

Jackie stunned us with this multi layered cascading skirt. She hemmed the red underskirt with horsehair braid, then used 12 yards of tulle for the overlay. Jackie used the magnolia circle skirt as guide and cut out 10 circles in four different sizes starting with her daughter's current size, leaving the center of the circle while cutting. She then hemmed each circle with horsehair braid then unevenly folded the circle in half making a cascading look then using the red skirt as a guide placed the tulle around the skirt keeping the bottom of the pieces in line with the bottom of the skirt.
Uma dug into her Indian roots and created a gorgeous Indian version of fancy using chiffon, satin and embellishments.
Heather created a gorgeous cascading skirt using 18 yards of tulle in three different colors and then added a few 3D butterflies on the bodice for a truly magical effect.
Lacey used the maxi skirt measurements to make a removable tulle underskirt so her daughter can wear her unicorn dress multiple ways.
Samantha made a lace overlay over a sateen bodice. The skirt was the same sateen overlayed with a tulle embossed with pearls. She cut the tulle twice the length called for in the pattern. We love her simple fancy yet beautiful look!
Ruth used a beautiful brocade for the bodice. She created the skirt using 3 yards of a soft tulle gathered over an coordinating woven skirt. Then added a built in petticoat using 2 yards of a stiff tulle.
Deah's dress is created using three layers. The first layer is a cascading skirt with the hem band using organza. She then added a layer under the organza hemmed with horsehair braid and finally used 4 yards of tulle as the lining.
Nicole used an ombre dyed lace overlay for the bodice and added a fun sparkly tulle to her skirt for an over the top patriotic look.
Victoria created a stunning princess gown for her daughter using a white chiffon embellished with beads and several layers of tulle. She added a beautiful beaded trim to the waistline and completed the look with a beaded crown.
Lillian created using a solid double satin for the bodice. She added a feather trim around the front neckline. For the vintage length skirt she used a sheer fabric embellished with beads/embroider flowers and hemmed the skirt with horsehair.
Kristen created a stunning flower girl dress using 8 layers of white tulle, satin, beaded trim and a lace overlay.
We are so in love with Jenny's dress paired with rain boots. She created this stunning dress using a beautiful floral fabric for the bodice and underskirt then used 8m of tulle in various colors of tulle to create the skirt. She used the skirt measurement from the pattern as a base and made the tulle a little wider for more gathering, some skirts were cut shorter and other longer. Jenny then gathered each layer individually so the skirt would be extra puffy.
Jean used a strawberry tulle overlay for the bodice and maxi skirt and added horsehair braid for the hem to stabilize the tulle.
Lucy created a beautiful maxi dress using a baby blue Shantung dupioni faux silk fabric. The skirt portion is composed of 4 layers, all cut to the maxi length size. The top layer was cut at double width, from a blue/aqua pearlized sheer iridescent organza. The second layer was cut as directed in the pattern, also from the organza. The third layer was cut as directed in the pattern, with a pink tulle. The base layer was cut as directed in the pattern, from the faux dupioni fabric. Lucy then added butterflies made from an embroidery file stitched onto water soluble stabilizer.
Chelsey used a scallop edge embellished flower fabric (100% nylon) as an overlay and a solid cotton woven in a coordinating color. The skirt is composed of two layers. The main fabric was cut and hemmed at vintage length. The floral overlay was cut two inches longer than the dress length. She wanted the scalloped edge to show below the main fabric. TO give the skirt more dimension, she gathered each skirt separately. After gathering each skirt to the width of the bodice, she basted all three layers together. It’s an extra step, but it helps make sure you catch all the layers the first time!

 We hope these gorgeous Sunflowers have inspired you to create a special occasion dress as well!

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