2023 Sunflower Seams' Spooktacular Costume Week: Day Three

2023 Sunflower Seams' Spooktacular Costume Week: Day Three

On day three of our Costume Week, we are thrilled to showcase two absolutely adorable looks that are sure to steal the spotlight not just on Halloween but also in everyday play. These versatile costumes offer the perfect blend of fun and style, ensuring your little one will be turning heads long after the spooky season has ended.


First stop of the two is Tamar with a costume we know your little one is bound to love!

"I’m a big fan of costumes that can be worn as clothing after Halloween. I feel like I can kill two birds with one stone that way. I can make a costume and expand my kid’s wardrobe with a fun piece that he will enjoy wearing again and again. This year I decided to make Bingo (from Bluey) overalls using Ash. 

The look was really pretty easy.  First, I sewed the center front seam.  Then, I resized the Bingo applique file from the Bluey website, so that it fit on the overall bib.  I cut out the pieces and appliqued all but the ears and eyebrows to the bib. 

I cut four ear pieces, sewed them together with a tiny seam allowance, turned, and topstitched them.  I then basted the ears to the main right sides together.  Then, I sewed the lining to the main.  After the ears were attached, I appliqued the eyebrows in place. 

Next, I attached snaps to the backside of the bib, so the straps would stay out of the way of the applique.  Finally, I finished sewing the overalls.  This was a fun and easy project, and it made my son sooooo happy!!!"


Next up Grace has created a darling romper for her sweet baby.

"For our Halloween costume look I used the Pinecone romper. I added ruffle and trim around front of the romper.

I also added pre pleated ruffle trim from hobby lobby on the bum. I used Orange gingham poly cotton for the romper and a hang cut jack-o-lantern to the bib. The applique was made using heat and bond and quilting cotton.

Then I hot glued a pre-made black bow to the corner to complete the look. The hair bow is 2 stacked sizes tied together of the Dahlia bow." 

And that is it for day three!! We are now over half way through our 2023 Costume Week! Have you been inspired by the last three days? Be sure to tell us about it in our Facebook group!

Happy Sewing!

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