2023 Sunflower Seams' Spooktacular Costume Week: Day Four

2023 Sunflower Seams' Spooktacular Costume Week: Day Four

Day four has arrived, and with it, a touch of enchantment as we unveil three simply magical costumes.

50's Dress

First up is Shelby with a stunning 50's poodle dress straight from the past, a nostalgic glimpse into a bygone era brought to life with impeccable style.

"I loved the idea of making my daughter a Halloween costume. The conception of a 50’s style poodle skirt occurred after walking through the aisle of iron on patches at Joann.

I knew the Rose pattern would be perfect for my vision. I made the cap sleeve version with the faux waistband. While scrolling through google, looking for inspiration, I saw the poodle skirt was often styled with a Peter Pan collared shirt. I thought I could easily modify the neckline of Rose to have a collar. I used the shape from the Gardenia collar to round out the neckline.

Then, I slightly modified the Gardenia collar to fit the Rose shoulder shape. It worked beautifully. I used quilting cotton for both the bodice and the skirt. I wanted the waistband to resemble a belt, so I used a faux leather with a bit of shine."

Snow White

Sadie's baby is definitely the fairest of them all in her Snow White costume, radiating innocence and charm that only a little princess can exude.

"I choose Snow White and Baby Daphne pattern was the perfect fit. I used satin fabrics to create this dress. I modified the sleeves by cutting 3pcs 2"x10" red and 2pcs 2"x10" light blue on each sleeve. I sewed the alternate colors with 1/4" seam allowance, serged the seam allowance then topstitched. I also added extra light blue scrap fabrics on each side of the alternate colors then cut the sleeves using the pattern.

I also used the Periwinkle headband with round bow and done it is perfect."

Princess Peach

Saydie's older daughter saw her sister's costume and needed a mama-made costume of her own.

"Little miss saw her sister's Snow White costume and she's asking for a Princess Peach Dress.One perfect pattern came into my mind, the Chrysanthemum dress. I also used satin fabric for this costume. I omitted the cuff on the sleeves to make the perfect puff sleeves of Princess Peach dress. I also added an underskirt to it. To create the underskirt, I simply cut two 20"x20" of fuschia pink satin fabric, then cut them into circles. I then folded the circles in half and gathered on the raw side.

I attached the two half skirts on the middle part of the bodice up to the back bodice and finally put the ruffle over skirt. I really love that Queen Anne Princess crown is the perfect headpiece for this one. I love the outcome, it's so precious."

We only have ONE MORE day left of our costume tour and I promise this costume does not disapoint! We hope you have been inspired so far!

Happy Sewing!

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