2023 Sunflower Seams' Spooktacular Costume Week: Day Five

2023 Sunflower Seams' Spooktacular Costume Week: Day Five

Today marks the concluding day of Costume Week 2023! While there's just a single costume to enjoy today, rest assured it's bound to leave you utterly mesmerized.


Lindsay has left us all amazed with her incredible Merida costume.

"Merida from Brave was Disney’s first princess created by Pixar. While not as popular as some of the other Disney characters, her stubborn, yet adventurous personality, align almost perfectly with my little one, Greta! Maybe that’s why she has recently fallen in love with Merida, and asked for her dress for Halloween.

I was able to create Merida’s dress using the Chrysanthemum, Lily, and Florentina patterns. To create the bodice, I used the Chrysanthemum neckline ruffle and bodice to create a blouse effect, then used a modified version of the back bodice of the Florentina pattern to create the vest adored with eyelets and leather lace ups. Merida’s dress is designed with a drop waist, so I lengthened the bodice pieces to match the natural waistline of the Lily pattern.

The sleeves are straight from the Florentina pattern, however, I used two fabric colors to create panels for the bell portion of the sleeve to mimic the slits used in Merida’s dress for archery. The skirt is the maxi length Florentina pattern with an added hem band for detailing.

All of my fabrics were purchased from Joann Fabrics, and include rhinestoned velvet, silky satin, and leather accessories. Needless to say, my little Merida loving princess is in love with her new costume!"

A big round of applause to this year's participants, who truly impressed us with their incredible contributions. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for generously sharing your time and talents with our community. You are all truly exceptional!

Happy Sewing!

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