{2022 Costume Tour}- Day Five

{2022 Costume Tour}- Day Five

Today is the LAST day of the 2022 Costume Tour!! Even though there is only one costume today, it is guarenteed to put you in awe.


Kelly took me to a whole new world with her daughter's Jasmine outfit. So grab your magic carpet and let's fly down to see her creation!

Kelly says "I have one very happy little girl this Halloween! My daughter Elizabella has been obsessed with Aladdin and Princess Jasmine for the longest time and now thanks to Sunflower Seams Patterns I was able to make her dream come true this year. For the Princess Jasmine fabrics I used a combination of satin, chiffon, crushed velvet, quilters cotton and a whole lot of gold trim, gold chain and gold elastic band. I got everything I needed to make this costume at Joann’s Fabrics, except for the wig, jewelry, shoes and magic carpet." "

"I used the new Flora pattern for the bodice top, only I lengthened the torso by 4.5” and added 4 extra loops on the back opening. I also lengthened the chiffon arm sashes to the complete width of fabric so they would be long enough to make it through all those extra back loops. I used the combined the crushed velvet and the satin just for the front part of the bodice with gold trim covering the seams and used quilters cotton for the lining so the velvet wouldn’t stretch out. I serged the bottom of the bodice and sewed the gold trim on."

"For the bottoms I mashed a couple patterns and then made a lucky guess at how to do the bubble pants. I started with Bramble as the main concept of having pants under with a removable skirt on top. I started with the Bramble shorts and made them into pants length for her height and then added a few extra inches in length and a whole lot of width, especially to the bottom half of the legs to make them baggy and bubble at the ankles with some elastic. I finished the waistband of those just like the Bramble shorts."

"Then for the skirt portion I decided to use the circle skirt in Gardenia as my template. I cut out the chiffon with the circle skirt pattern. I then had it folded in a half circle and cut a tight curve up toward one side, which gives it that split in the front. There was a lot of trial and error with this since chiffon likes to slip around a lot when cutting and I found I didn’t have enough trim to go all the way around the bottom without cutting off more in the curve. Once I got that worked out, I serged the waist line and along the bottom of the chiffon skirt. I then sewed the gold trim along the bottom edge. I sewed the gold elastic band together to make one loop that fit her waist snuggly. Then I had my daughter try on the gold elastic waistband and pinned the chiffon to it to make sure it would not be sewn on too tight. Once that was attached, I then hand sewed the gold chain loosely to each side of the elastic waistband. She then just slips the skirt on over the pants, puts on all her gold jewelry, shoes and wig, and she’s ready to ride her magic carpet (or go trick or treating)!"

Even though all good things must come to end, we hope that Sunflower Seams' 2022 Costume Tour was just as fun as for you all as it was for us!

Huge shoutout to these year's participants. You all are AMAZING! Thank you for sharing you time and talents with all of us!

Flora releases later TODAY! Be sure to grab your copy so you can recreate Kelly's Jasmine!

Happy Sewing!


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