Adding Hand Embroidery to a Hair Bow {A Tutorial}

Adding Hand Embroidery to a Hair Bow {A Tutorial}

Hi friends, Grace here! With the new embroidery pattern launching, adding an extra special touch to a hair bow will just throw you the extra mile into specialness.

My first attempt at hand embroidery on a bow, the embroidery was up in the knot and then another attempt was upside down! So I took a few minutes and mapped it out on the pattern where exactly I should place my embroidery, how big it should be, and which direction. Today, I am going to share that all with you so you can save yourself a few steps and get to making even faster!

Begin by first marking the seam allowance and the fold line.

On the Left side tail of the bow the fold line will be the bottom of your embroidery going up towards the SA. 

As for how big the embroidery window you have, it will depend on the size of the bow you’re making.

Large you have about 1.5” of space. And 1” of space in the Medium and Small to embroider.

Now that you have your window for embroidery marked you can trace your bow pattern onto your fabric. My choice for transferring embroidery design is printing onto Sticky Solvy Stabilizer. Stitch your hand embroidery while it's still on a big enough piece of fabric to hoop. Then cut out and sew your bow!

Sew your bow up paying careful attention to seam allowance and your embroidery.

When tying the bow make sure to iron after turning out so that you can get it tied tight, giving your embroidery the most space. When ironing over embroidery either use a pressing cloth or you can iron from behind.

And then you will have a beautiful one of a kind bow

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