Adding a Ruffle Edge to a Pinecone Romper {A Tutorial}

Adding a Ruffle Edge to a Pinecone Romper {A Tutorial}

Adding a ruffle edge to a Pinecone romper is an easy additional step that adds such a sweet detail to an already adorable outfit! 

First, gather your fabric, notions and Pinecone pattern. In addition to the fabric required for the pinecone you will need a half yard of coordinating fabric for your ruffle. 

Cut out your pattern pieces for the romper.

Place pins at each side of your main romper piece as shown, stopping above the crotch.

Using a sewing tape, roughly measure around the outside edge of your romper from pin to pin in inches.

Multiply your total inches by 2 to get the length needed for your ruffle. The outside of my romper measured 38 inches so I multiplied that by 2 to get my final measurement needed of 76 inches.

Using a rotary cutter and cutting mat, cut 2 inch wide strips along the bias of your contrasting fabric until you reach the length needed for your ruffle.

Square off the end of the strips to make a right angle. 

Using a straight stitch, join your strips at a right angle similar to a mitered corner until you get one long strip.

Once you reach the total inches needed for your ruffle, trim your seams and press them open.

Iron in half lengthwise with wrong sides together.

Sew 2 parallel rows of lengthened gathering stitches 1/8th and 1/4th away from the open edge. My machine was set to 5 on stitch length and 4 for top tension.

Pull on your bobbin threads to gather your strip down to the original measurement of your romper. Example: my strip started at 76 inches and I gathered down to 38 inches.

Using pins or clips pin your ruffle to the outside edge of your main romper with the folded edge facing in. 

Make sure that when you reach the bottom to angle off your ruffle from the edge as shown so when your garment is flipped right side out you don’t have exposed seams.

Also take care at the corners to pin accurately so you don’t lose the details of those corners.

Sew your ruffle to your romper using a shortened straight stitch. I set my stitch length at 1.6 mm.

If needed you can use an awl to ensure you are catching all of the ruffles under your foot.

With the right sides together, pin your lining fabric to your main fabric with your main fabric facing up. Using the same stitches you used to attach the ruffle, attach your lining fabric to your main fabric. Make sure you are extra careful to not stitch down your ruffle in the corners.

Trim your extra seam allowances and remove your gathering stitches using a seam ripper. Turn right side out and press. Finish garment according to directions!

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