Laurel/ Cornflower Mash using {Hope in Bloom} by Katherine Lenius

Laurel/ Cornflower Mash using {Hope in Bloom} by Katherine Lenius

Hey everyone!! I am on the blog today to show you all how to mash Laurel and Cornflower! I am literally obsessed with how this mash turned out and I hope you all love it as much as I do!

For my mash I chose to use the Hope in Bloom Plaid Blush fabric from Riley Blake Designs' {Hope In Bloom} collection by Katherine Lenius. This collection not only displays a beautiful mixture of plaids, florals, and butterflies, but also features the pink ribbon representing those who have or are battling breast cancer. It really is an inspiring collection that can remind us all to keep those who are fighting the breast cancer fight in our thoughts and prayers.


Photo Courtesy of Riley Blake Designs

Supply List:

Pieces Needed for Each Pattern:

  • Laurel/ Cornflower Bodice (instructions below)
  • Laurel Necktie Bias
  • Cornflower Sleeves (cap or long)
  • Cornflower Skirt (vintage or dress)
  • OPTIONAL Cornflower Skirt Ruffle
  • OPTIONAL Cornflower Back Tie
  • OPTIONAL Cornflower Pockets
  • Cornflower Back Placket


A. Lay the Laurel Front Bodice pattern piece on top of the Cornflower Front Bodice pattern piece aligning the fold line sides and making sure the necklines meet. Trace the diagonal line on the fold line side of the Laurel Front Bodice piece on to the Cornflower Front Bodice piece.

B. Cut down the line that was traced on the Cornflower Front Bodice piece. Cut 2 on the fold (1 main, 1 lining) as the Cornflower pattern directs.


  1. Complete Steps 1-21 (following the instructions for the chosen sleeve) of the Cornflower tutorial.

2. Complete Steps 7 and 9 of the Laurel tutorial.

3. Now, turn the bodice right side out and press well. Topstitch the "V" slit on the front bodice.

4. Baste the back bodice main and lining together along the long raw edge. Repeat for the opposite back bodice.

5. Complete Steps 25-58 (following the instructions for the chosen options) of the Cornflower tutorial.

6. Complete Step 59 of the Cornflower tutorial as well, but instead make sure that the back placket is flush with the back neckline (does NOT extend 1/2" (1.2 cm) off the top of the dress.

7. Complete Steps 60 and 62-64 of the Cornflower tutorial.

8. To finish the raw neckline, complete Steps 29-38 of the Laurel tutorial.

9. Finally, complete Step 65 of the Cornflower tutorial.

WHEW!! I am sure all that back and forth between the Cornflower and Laurel tutorials has your head spinning!! But isn't the final product oh so worth it??

Be sure to share your creation on the Sunflower Seams Facebook Group so I can show your mash some love!! Also, don't forget to get your favorite fabrics from the {Hope in Bloom} collection from Riley Blake Fabrics at your favorite local or online quilt shop.

Lastly, huge THANK YOU to Katherine Lenius and Riley Blake Designs for the opportunity to sew with these adorable fabrics. 


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